Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What type of experience should my dog walker have?

Someone who has a good idea of dog behavior, is able to diffuse problems between dogs before they start, who knows basic pet first aid, and has a genuine love for dogs. Some dog walkers have a long history with pet care and have been trained in such things as obedience and first aid. The more training your dog walker has had, the better off you will feel, and the more relaxed, and happier, your dog will be.

Also, a professional dog walker/pet sitter will always show your their professional certifications as part of the "meet-and-greet".

Q. Will my dog be walked with dogs of the same size?

No. Your dog will always be walked on it’s own, unless you have multiple dogs in your home, then it would be sensible to walk them together since they already get along. Walking strange dogs together is not recommended, as you don't know how they will interact with each other.

Q. How many dogs will be walked by one person at a time?

Your dog walker knows how many dogs he or she can safely handle. Be sure to ask though, and make sure you’re comfortable with the answer.

You may also want to ask if there are any city ordinances that limit the number of dogs that can be walked at the same time by one person.

Q. Can I ask that my dog be kept on-leash at all times?

Absolutely! Craig's Crazy Critters will always walk your dog(s) on a leash, but it never hurts to ask!

Q. Will the same person be walking my dog every time?

Absolutely! This helps build a familiarity and a bond with the dog(s).

Q. Will my pets need to be vaccinated?

Most dog walkers will require that your pets be vaccinated against rabies, DHLPP, and Bordatella (kennel cough). They may also require that your dog be on some sort of flea preventive. Be sure to ask your dog walker about their requirements.

Q. Does the dog walker pick up after the dogs?

Of course! We not only picks up the dog waste, but remove it from your location.